A home inventory is especially important for insurance purposes. When you make an insurance claim for damaged, lost, or stolen property, your policy will require you to show the quantity, description, serial #’s and model #’s (when applicable) and the estimated replacement cost OR actual cash value (depending on the type of policy you have). You’ll also be asked to provide copies of bills, receipts, or other documentation to support your claim. If you omit some items or fail to include an adequate description of others, you may receive less than full compensation for your losses. Relying solely on your memory can be an expensive mistake. As an exercise, try to name every item in your kitchen junk drawer, and then imagine having to do that for your entire house!

As many unfortunate homeowners and business owners have learned after experiencing a loss, the amount of coverage for personal property shown on an insurance policy is an “allowable maximum” pay-out. So regardless of premiums paid or level of coverage – to receive maximum reimbursement from most insurance companies for losses, homeowners/business owners must provide “proof of ownership” for each and every item they claim was destroyed.

Yes, you can do it yourself, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. We’ll even provide you with some guidance and resources to help you. However, while intentions are good, conducting a thorough inventory that meets your insurance requirements is a tedious and time consuming process which most people don’t take the time to accomplish. Furthermore, a 3rd party, independent home or business inventory also adds credibility and legitimacy to a claim.

For your own peace of mind. Visualize trying to create an inventory from memory while mourning the loss of your home or business and everything you worked so hard to acquire. This is an overwhelming and impossible task that could cause long delays in settling your claim.

Yes, we need a home or business owner (or representative) on the premises at all times.

In order to do a thorough and complete job it takes some time. The amount of time depends on the size of the home or business, the contents density and the extent of inventory desired. We have found that a 2,500 sq. ft. home can take from 4-6 hours on site, based on the factors above.

For home inventories cost is based on size, contents density and extent of the inventory. For business inventories we typically charge by the hour. Additional fees may also apply depending on the extra time needed to photograph your jewelry and/or special collections and the quantity of documents submitted for scanning and inclusion in the inventory. The best way to determine cost is to take advantage of our complimentary consultation. Further information is available on our 3 P’s page (Pricing, Process, and Product).

We are fully insured & bonded. We will also provide signed Confidentiality Agreements. Most importantly, we will never conduct the inventory without you or your representative present while we are on site.

Under our Full Service Program, there are no charges for updates for (1) full year. Additional packages and options are also available for a nominal fee.

We will document ALL of your personal belongings along with the property itself and any associated ‘other’ attached structures. Our inventory professionals will pay especially particular attention to any fine furniture, antiques, collectibles, fine artwork, musical instruments, imported carpets or wall furnishings, etc. We will also incorporate any appraised property already listed on your present policy.

Home Inventory Me, LLC is an asset documentation service only. We are not licensed or certified appraisers. We do however, partner with local, reputable, & accredited appraisal companies throughout the state. These partnerships provide our clients with exclusive/discounted rates, superior service, and the ability to incorporate these appraisal(s) seamlessly into your final home inventory portfolio WITHOUT the need for another party to visit your home. All property values expressed in your final inventory portfolio will come from original receipts, certified valuations, certified appraisals, and/or estimated values provided by the client.

Your house does not have to be in perfect order! The most important thing is that we are able to see the items that you want included. We’re extremely flexible and will work with you to record the maximum amount of detail on ALL of your personal property.

Privacy and confidentiality are a concern anytime someone enters your home. It may be housekeeping, carpet cleaning, repairs, painting or delivery personnel. We understand this concern and are sensitive to our client’s wishes. Before we start any inventory, we take a tour of the home with our client. At this time we listen to any concerns or issues they may have in any of their rooms or with any of their items. We respect that each person has a varying comfort level thus we put our clients at ease prior to beginning their inventory. We also encourage client participation.

You should download the files onto your PC immediately upon receipt. There is a document that explains each of the elements of your digital records loaded on the CD called “READ ME FIRST”. After downloading, you should store your CD and DVD away from your home. We suggest a safety deposit box or a trusted relative that lives far enough away from your home to not be affected by the same disastrous peril that can encompass a geographical area. We will also help you securely save your inventory online – aka: ‘IN THE CLOUD’, if you so desire.

Home Inventory Me, LLC. does not sell insurance. We would be happy to refer you to a licensed professional who can review your policy with you. But we may suggest that you check into riders on certain items. A rider (sometimes called a “floater”) is a separate mini-policy or clause that extends your homeowners policy to cover the extra value of items that may be excluded under personal property contents insurance. Your homeowner’s policy may not cover the cost of particular expensive items like luxury watches, expensive jewelry, fine art or electronics equipment, for instance, or may limit reimbursement to an amount far below the actual value of those items. You may need an insurance rider if you have a home based business, own expensive jewelry, electronics, computer equipment, oriental rugs, fine art, antiques, or own an older home.

Estate attorneys and estate planners recommend you have a home inventory on hand in the unlikely event that something happens to you. It can help immensely in valuing your estate, locating your property, and dispersing your property if you are unable to do so yourself. It also can help you determine what assets you want to go to whom in your will.

An inventory prior to moving will document your property in the event items get lost or damaged by movers. An inventory after a move will insure documentation was taken at your new home.

Absolutely! It would provide clear documentation and proof of an item’s existence. It could be used to divide property fairly and equitably. It would also give you the basis to start organizing a separate estate.

If you have done extensive renovation or an addition to your home, the insurance company would need a visual record so they would know what kind of upgrades have been done. If you don’t have a visual representation and/or complete receipts documenting your remodel, you will most likely receive an average for your neighborhood when filing a claim.

An investment in a home inventory costs about the same as just ONE valuable item in your home that you otherwise would not recoup the value for.

We will provide you with a pre-inventory checklist at the time of our initial consultation that will provide useful tips and hints for an efficient and successful inventory of your home or business. The checklist will detail items such as:

How we capture serial numbers on electronics
How to prepare kitchen items for the inventory process
How to make closets accessible and what items to consider for inventory
What items to prepare in the garage
How we inventory silverware and china
What other documents and information we gather such as homeowners insurance and mortgage related information (optional)

We inventory most everything; however, to preserve your privacy, we typically only photograph the inside of closets, cabinets and drawers. If you have a small number of expensive suits, dresses, coats, shoes and/or purses which you would like to itemize and include, our inventory specialists can easily accommodate your needs. Extensive wardrobe inventories are typically completed on a pre-determined hourly basis and discussed/scheduled in advance.

If you would like them to be included in your inventory, we would ask for you to have them unpacked prior to your appointment. If you have storage space at a different location, our inventory specialists will be able to help you determine the best approach and pricing for those items as well.

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